Pendulum of Justice: “A Great Read”

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Pendulum of Justice is a fast paced, original story about entrepreneurs and how they benefit society versus how corrupt government agencies and officials, in collusion with corporate interests that they are beholden to, use the unbridled power of over-regulation to hand out favors and enrich themselves at the same time.

The hero, Hank Rangar (that’s Ranger, but with an “a”) is an inventor and serial entrepreneur working on new technology in the field of heart surgery. A corrupt, crony arrangement between the patent office and a giant company is used to steal the invention.

The non-stop action involves a manhunt for Hank while he simultaneously seeks justice for himself and the many others who were devastated by the theft.

Hank uses his vast mental resources along with help from some good friends to give us a combination of computer genius/MacGyver/Jason Bourne action sequences to right the wrongs.

This book is hard to put down. The hero is a true good-guy, no serious flaws or gray areas. One of the best features of the book is the use of the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution and objectivist philosophy to show why and how much our government is out of control and how the hero’s actions are ethical in seeking justice.

Pendulum.finAll the features of the story fit together very nicely so the philosophical elements are an organic part of the whole adventure.

I recommend this book enthusiastically!



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