A thought-provoking and rollicking blend of political realism, cyber-hacking technology, and individualism.

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A thought-provoking and rollicking good ride. I enjoyed the blend of political realism, cyber-hacking technology, and an unapologetic politically principled hero. As in the first Hank Rangar novel Pendulum of Justice, the book exposes the all-too-easy to corrupt power of governmental officials playing out in a real-world context I can absolutely imagine as reality. Add in suspense and spycraft and I read it from cover to cover – a great use of a well-earned vacation day. Highly recommended.



From the Third Hank Rangar Novel

Kurt Vonnegut’s Fates Worse Than Death.

“Is there nothing about the United States of my youth, aside from youth itself, that I miss sorely now?  There is one thing I miss so much that I can hardly stand it, which is freedom from the certain knowledge that human beings will very soon have made this moist, blue-green planet uninhabitable by human beings.  There is no stopping us.  We will continue to breed like rabbits.  We will continue to engage in technological nincompoopery with hideous side effects unforeseen.  We will make only token repairs on our cities now collapsing.  We will not clean up much of the poisonous mess that we ourselves have made.

If flying-saucer creatures or angels or whatever were to come here in a hundred years, say, and find us gone like the dinosaurs, what might be a good message for humanity to leave for them, maybe carved in great big letters on a Grand Canyon wall?


We might well add this:


So it’s curtains not just for me as I grow old.  It’s curtains for everyone …”



A judge actually provided this quote in his opinion when sentencing a person for an “environmental” crime.

Reality Stranger Than Fiction

This news article  exposes the outrageous tactics used by the ATF:

Among the tactics they discovered ATF agents employing were using mentally disabled Americans to help run unnecessary sting operations; establishing agency-run “fronts” in “safe zones” such as schools and churches; providing alcohol, drugs, and sexual invitations to minors; destroying property and then expecting the owners to pick up the tab; and hiring felons to sell guns to legal purchasers. Worse, perhaps, in a wide range of cases, undercover agents specifically instructed individuals to behave in a certain manner — and then arrested and imprisoned them for doing so. This is government at its worst. And it appears to be standard operating procedure.


In Trails of Injustice we included a retarded (mentally challenged or whatever the PC term is now) runner just like the ATF actually did.  The ATF set this person up to go to jail, while pretending to be this young man’s friend.  He was actually tried for running illegal guns, despite that he was just doing what the ATF agents asked him to do.

When we included this in Trails of Injustice and one of our editors thought it was too outrageous and it would turn off readers.  We showed her the court documents and it stayed in the book.

We pride ourselves on the extensive research we put into the Hank Rangar Novels.

Trails2toi (1)

The situation in Oregon – Hammonds

“Whenever the legislators endeavor to take away and destroy the property of the people, or to reduce them to slavery under arbitrary power, they put themselves into a state of war with the people.”

John Locke


Trails2The facts in this case are clear that the BLM has been waging a war to steal/destroy the Hammonds’ property based on a radical environmental agenda.  This whole conflict originates around the BLM’s lie that grazing was damaging to wildlife.  When Ms. Hammond found a federal study showing this was not true, the BLM declared war under their radical environmental agenda.  The BLM tried to illegally build a fence around the Hammonds water source and they illegally interfered with the Hammonds’ access to their land.  Then they illegally revoked the Hammonds water permits, then the BLM demanded the Hammonds fence in their cattle when Oregon is a fence out state.  The court said the law did not apply to the BLM.  Then the Hammonds started a back fire when a lightening created fire threatened their land.  As a result, the federal government charged the Hammonds with terrorism and sentenced them to five years in prison.

The facts are overwhelming here, the government has “endeavored to take away and destroy the property of the Hammonds” and it is certainly within their Natural Rights to defend themselves against a government that thinks it is above the law.  Let’s be clear here, the GOVERNMENT INITIATED FORCE IN THIS CASE.


What Would Hank Rangar Do?


If you tried to steal my land, acted like you were above the law, accused me of terrorism for starting a back fire on my own land, and then tried to put me in jail, I would start shooting at you also.

We also have to keep in mind the backdrop in which this situation is occurring.  Government officials are given sovereign immunity and they regularly get away with lying, stealing, and ignoring court orders (Louis Lerner, State Department officials, Hillary Clinton, Eric Holder, various IRS officials, the EPA in the toxic spill in Colorado, to name just a few).  Police steal billions of dollars of private assets using civil asset forfeiture rules and according to some sources in 2014 the assets seized under this program exceeded the total value of all burglaries in the US.  This is a time when the government is tracking and recording every electronic communication of every American, a time in which the government searches millions of innocent people because they want to fly, a time in which police routinely kill and injure innocent Americans without even receiving a slap on the wrist.

This is also a time in which it is almost impossible to believe what is said in the media.  We know that the government regularly pays to get their side of the story out and even gets journalists fired who do not tow the line.  Do not waste your breath (fingers) citing state sponsored media reports to me.  They are not credible in this case and neither are court documents.  Since prosecutors and government officials get away with lying because of sovereign immunity.  The preponderance of evidence is overwhelming, the BLM and environmentalist are trying to steal all private property in the west and when it comes to the environmental agenda, the government and environmentalist have proven that they are willing to lie over and over and not even be embarrassed about it.  As Thomas Paine said extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence and the burden of proof is on the government here.

Let’s see if the government is willing to kill people to advance their environmental agenda.





PS: We already know they are as they killed over 100 million people by banning DDT and over 600,000 people and counting when they killed the nuclear power industry – not to mention golden rice.