Reality Stranger Than Fiction

This news article  exposes the outrageous tactics used by the ATF:

Among the tactics they discovered ATF agents employing were using mentally disabled Americans to help run unnecessary sting operations; establishing agency-run “fronts” in “safe zones” such as schools and churches; providing alcohol, drugs, and sexual invitations to minors; destroying property and then expecting the owners to pick up the tab; and hiring felons to sell guns to legal purchasers. Worse, perhaps, in a wide range of cases, undercover agents specifically instructed individuals to behave in a certain manner — and then arrested and imprisoned them for doing so. This is government at its worst. And it appears to be standard operating procedure.


In Trails of Injustice we included a retarded (mentally challenged or whatever the PC term is now) runner just like the ATF actually did.  The ATF set this person up to go to jail, while pretending to be this young man’s friend.  He was actually tried for running illegal guns, despite that he was just doing what the ATF agents asked him to do.

When we included this in Trails of Injustice and one of our editors thought it was too outrageous and it would turn off readers.  We showed her the court documents and it stayed in the book.

We pride ourselves on the extensive research we put into the Hank Rangar Novels.

Trails2toi (1)


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