Trails of Injustice (2nd Hank Rangar Thriller) on Sale $0.99

Trails of Injustice, the second Hank Rangar thriller, is on sale for $0.99 (normally $3.99) this Tuesday through Thursday (2/23 – 2/25).  This sale is for the electronic version only.

Hank Rangar – righting the wrongs of a government that thinks it is above the law.

Hank is laying low in Mexico when the death of an ATF agent draws him into a global conspiracy to disarm the world. This is the second book in the Hank Rangar series, ripped from today’s headlines. Hank discovers an ATF agent has been murdered to cover-up a Fast and Furious type scandal and now he knows too much.



Here is what people are saying about Trails of Injustice:


“I really do miss Hank sometimes and want to go back to that world.” Lilly

“Trails of Injustice is an excellent read, your pacing is wonderful and I appreciate the diversity of your characters.”  Suzanne


“For Trails of Injustice is a battle fought in the way that only free men and women can fight it: with a conviction that drives heroic choices, terrible risks, and even the occasional sense of gay abandon that comes from knowing we can do no less, that this is best within us.  Buy Trails of Injustice, try not to finish it too quickly, give a thought to what it means for all of us, then tell a friend.”

Walter Donway


“We have two brilliant writers who have taken up the task, and those are the Hallings. Their Hank Rangar (that’s “Ranger,” with an A) novels are well written, have characters who are developed, have great plotlines, suspense and action. There’s even, shudder, ROMANCE! The protagonist, Hank Rangar (that’s “Ranger,” with an A), has ample opportunities to discuss why the central issue of the novel is immoral and he addresses it while both following Objectivist principles AND giving us a hell of a ride in the process. If I believed in the initiation of force I’d make every person in the country buy those novels and read them.”

Ken Mosher



DK Halling – Writing the wrongs of a government that thinks it is above the law.



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