Hank Rangar Exposed: Excerpts, Interviews, and More

Hank Rangar Exposed

Welcome to the Hank Rangar Thriller series. This book offers a brief introduction to both novels in the series, and for our fans-some fun stuff, such as author interviews, trivia questions and a surprise bonus for foodies! The Hank Rangar novels are techno-thrillers with romance, inventions and most important- a thinking man’s hero. If you like what you see here, read the books!
We hope you enjoy the ride.


Hank Rangar Wants YOU!

Hank has set a goal of getting 100 reviews for Pendulum of Justice by April 1st.  If you have read Pendulum of Justice, the first Hank Rangar Thriller, and have not yet reviewed it on Amazon.com, Hank is asking that you do so today.  Any honest review is greatly Uncle Samappreciated.  Reader reviews are key to getting exposure and your review will help Hank’s creators to spend more time writing the next Hank Rangar novel.







Hank is also has a goal of getting to 66 Amazon reader reviews for Trails of Injustice, the 2nd Hank Rangar Thriller, by April 1st.




If you do not know how to leave a review:

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