A Hell of -Day at Sea

I live within spitting distance of the Sea of Cortez and I like to go stand-up paddle (SUP) boarding in the morning for exercise.  This morning the water was crystal clear.  For exercise reasons, I paddle backwards part of the time (It works different muscles in my arms and back).  As I am doing this I see a sting ray off to my left going the other way.  He is full grown, about 3 feet wide, and sandy brown color.  I stop to observe him, he is about 3-4 feet below the surface and just as he passes me, he looks over.  He slows down a bit and circles around toward the back tip of my SUP board, which is the way I am looking.  I very excited, but I am also stingraythinking this would not be a good time to fall into the water.  The ray comes up to within a foot of the board, seems to realize I am not a ray and swims off real fast.

I am thinking about how I am going to tell you guys about this, when I see manta rays jumping out of the water.  Normally, I would consider this very interesting and if you have not seen this, take a look at this video (The flying rays are about 20 seconds in), but today it is almost distracting.  Then I see a huge fish breach the surface of the water about 20 yards in front of me.  It occurs to me that it might be a dolphin, however we almost never see dolphins here and certainly not this close (20 yards from our beach), so I am skeptical.  I keep my eyes in the general direction where I saw the breach, and 30 seconds later the dolphin breaches again.  I paddle slowly toward it, luckily his dorsal fin is sticking out of the water most of the time.  As I track him a bunch of Mexican teenagers on the beach start humming the music to Jaws.  The dolphin does not seem to notice me and I get within 7 feet of him.  This is probably the most clearly I have ever seen a dolphin in the wild.  He finally noticed me and lazily pushed away.


“D” of the famous thriller writers DK Halling


Reality Stranger Than Fiction: Patent Office Sued for Deep-Sixing Patents

In Pendulum of Justice, Hank Rangar’s patent application is undermined by the evil director of the Patent Office.  This court case, eVideo v. U.S.A. (Ct. Fed. Clm. 2015), shows that the Patent Office had a secret program to deep-six certain patent applications:


In an interesting Section 1491 class-action, eVideo has filed a class-action lawsuit against the U.S. government asking for damages based upon the harm caused by the Patent Office’s S.A.W.S. program. The Sensitive Application Warning System (S.A.W.S) is the now-defunct U.S.P.T.O. program that gave double-top-secret scrutiny to applications designated as “sensitive.”  The Agency has – up to now – refused to identify which applications fell into the program (even to the applicants themselves), although a examiners inadvertently told applicants about the designation.

The harm here alleged is all USPTO and prosecution costs in applications after they were designated under the S.A.W.S. program. Joseph Zito is the lead attorney on the case.  (From PatentlyO)


Hank Rangar Exposed: Excerpts, Interviews, and More

Hank Rangar Exposed

Welcome to the Hank Rangar Thriller series. This book offers a brief introduction to both novels in the series, and for our fans-some fun stuff, such as author interviews, trivia questions and a surprise bonus for foodies! The Hank Rangar novels are techno-thrillers with romance, inventions and most important- a thinking man’s hero. If you like what you see here, read the books!
We hope you enjoy the ride.


Hank Rangar Wants YOU!

Hank has set a goal of getting 100 reviews for Pendulum of Justice by April 1st.  If you have read Pendulum of Justice, the first Hank Rangar Thriller, and have not yet reviewed it on Amazon.com, Hank is asking that you do so today.  Any honest review is greatly Uncle Samappreciated.  Reader reviews are key to getting exposure and your review will help Hank’s creators to spend more time writing the next Hank Rangar novel.







Hank is also has a goal of getting to 66 Amazon reader reviews for Trails of Injustice, the 2nd Hank Rangar Thriller, by April 1st.




If you do not know how to leave a review:

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Trails of Injustice (2nd Hank Rangar Thriller) on Sale $0.99

Trails of Injustice, the second Hank Rangar thriller, is on sale for $0.99 (normally $3.99) this Tuesday through Thursday (2/23 – 2/25).  This sale is for the electronic version only.

Hank Rangar – righting the wrongs of a government that thinks it is above the law.

Hank is laying low in Mexico when the death of an ATF agent draws him into a global conspiracy to disarm the world. This is the second book in the Hank Rangar series, ripped from today’s headlines. Hank discovers an ATF agent has been murdered to cover-up a Fast and Furious type scandal and now he knows too much.



Here is what people are saying about Trails of Injustice:


“I really do miss Hank sometimes and want to go back to that world.” Lilly

“Trails of Injustice is an excellent read, your pacing is wonderful and I appreciate the diversity of your characters.”  Suzanne


“For Trails of Injustice is a battle fought in the way that only free men and women can fight it: with a conviction that drives heroic choices, terrible risks, and even the occasional sense of gay abandon that comes from knowing we can do no less, that this is best within us.  Buy Trails of Injustice, try not to finish it too quickly, give a thought to what it means for all of us, then tell a friend.”

Walter Donway


“We have two brilliant writers who have taken up the task, and those are the Hallings. Their Hank Rangar (that’s “Ranger,” with an A) novels are well written, have characters who are developed, have great plotlines, suspense and action. There’s even, shudder, ROMANCE! The protagonist, Hank Rangar (that’s “Ranger,” with an A), has ample opportunities to discuss why the central issue of the novel is immoral and he addresses it while both following Objectivist principles AND giving us a hell of a ride in the process. If I believed in the initiation of force I’d make every person in the country buy those novels and read them.”

Ken Mosher



DK Halling – Writing the wrongs of a government that thinks it is above the law.


From the Third Hank Rangar Novel

Kurt Vonnegut’s Fates Worse Than Death.

“Is there nothing about the United States of my youth, aside from youth itself, that I miss sorely now?  There is one thing I miss so much that I can hardly stand it, which is freedom from the certain knowledge that human beings will very soon have made this moist, blue-green planet uninhabitable by human beings.  There is no stopping us.  We will continue to breed like rabbits.  We will continue to engage in technological nincompoopery with hideous side effects unforeseen.  We will make only token repairs on our cities now collapsing.  We will not clean up much of the poisonous mess that we ourselves have made.

If flying-saucer creatures or angels or whatever were to come here in a hundred years, say, and find us gone like the dinosaurs, what might be a good message for humanity to leave for them, maybe carved in great big letters on a Grand Canyon wall?


We might well add this:


So it’s curtains not just for me as I grow old.  It’s curtains for everyone …”



A judge actually provided this quote in his opinion when sentencing a person for an “environmental” crime.