Pendulum of Justice: “A Great Read”

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Pendulum of Justice is a fast paced, original story about entrepreneurs and how they benefit society versus how corrupt government agencies and officials, in collusion with corporate interests that they are beholden to, use the unbridled power of over-regulation to hand out favors and enrich themselves at the same time.

The hero, Hank Rangar (that’s Ranger, but with an “a”) is an inventor and serial entrepreneur working on new technology in the field of heart surgery. A corrupt, crony arrangement between the patent office and a giant company is used to steal the invention.

The non-stop action involves a manhunt for Hank while he simultaneously seeks justice for himself and the many others who were devastated by the theft.

Hank uses his vast mental resources along with help from some good friends to give us a combination of computer genius/MacGyver/Jason Bourne action sequences to right the wrongs.

This book is hard to put down. The hero is a true good-guy, no serious flaws or gray areas. One of the best features of the book is the use of the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution and objectivist philosophy to show why and how much our government is out of control and how the hero’s actions are ethical in seeking justice.

Pendulum.finAll the features of the story fit together very nicely so the philosophical elements are an organic part of the whole adventure.

I recommend this book enthusiastically!



Great Read, Informative and Enlightening: Latest Trails of Injustice Review

This story is ripped from recent headlines to enlighten readers on the Fast and Furious ATF gun running fiasco crafted to smear, degrade, and eventually strip away the Second Amendment from the American people. Trails of Injustice is a very solid read that gives the reader healthy doses of current events, technology, law, Constitutionality, Objectivism, and action. I highly recommend this novel and its predecessor Pendulum of Justice.

By Allan J. Ashinoff


Trails of Injustce

Trails of Injustice (2nd of the Hank Rangar thrillers) has just been released.

Trails2Hank Rangar – righting the wrongs of a government that thinks it is above the law.

Hank is laying low in Mexico when the death of an ATF agent draws him into a global conspiracy to disarm the world.  This is the second book in the Hank Rangar series, ripped from today’s headlines.  Hank discovers an ATF agent has been murdered to cover-up a Fast and Furious type scandal and now he knows too much.


”Excellent read, the pacing is wonderful and I appreciate the diversity of your characters”


“I really do miss Hank sometimes and want to go back to that world.”

Halling asked to Speak at Atlas Summit 2014

Dale B. Halling, author of Pendulum of Justice  (with his wife Kaila) and The Decline and Fall of the American Entrepreneur, has been asked to speak at the Atlas Summit 2014.  The topic of his talk will be “Why did Rand Choose Inventor as Galt’s Profession?”


Why did John Galt say “I was an inventor.  I was one of a profession that came last in human history and will be first to vanish on the way back to the sub-human?”  Today, there is an all-out attack on inventors.  Effective property rights for inventors are relatively new, dating from the beginning of the Industrial Revolution.  Currently, patent rights are under assault from all ends of the political spectrum and almost everywhere around the world.  Was Rand wrong when she said, “Patents … are the legal implementation of the base of all property rights.”