Trails of Injustice Now on Kobo – For All Those Canadians

Trails of Injustice, the 2nd Hank Rangar thriller is now available on Kobo, for more information or to obtain Trails of Injustice on Kobo Click Here.

Trails2Trails of Injustice is the second novel in the highly acclaimed Hank Rangar series. Hank is a thinking man’s vigilante, who rights the wrongs of a government that thinks it is above the law. In this thriller, Hank is laying low in Mexico when the death of an ATF agent draws him into a global conspiracy to disarm the world. This is the second book in the Hank Rangar series, ripped from today’s headlines. Hank discovers an ATF agent has been murdered to cover-up a Fast and Furious type scandal and now he knows too much.
The Hank Rangar thriller series is in the tradition of Robin Hood, Zoro, and Batman, however Hank’s purpose in life is not being a vigilante, but an engineer and an inventor. Hank uses his skills to out think his enemies, not out shoot them.
Here are some of the reviews from the first Hank Rangar Thriller, Pendulum of Justice

“Convert this to a movie script and sell it to Hollywood. Excellent theme and plot.”
The Magnolia Blossom

WOW! I feel like I just watched a movie in my head.
Hines and Bigham’s Literary Tryst

Absolutely brilliant – that was my first thought after I finished reading this compelling novel.
Lit Amri for Readers’ Favorite