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All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.


With two high tech start-ups going gangbusters, former cyber warrior Hank Rangar has finally “made” it. His lab, “Made By Man,” has revolutionized cardiac procedures, potentially saving millions of lives and billions of dollars.  But, the most important person in his life is very sick and his technology is suddenly stolen.  Hank discovers two things: This lifesaving procedure may be the only way to save his sister AND Big Washington will stop at nothing to bury it.


Praise for Pendulum of Justice

Pendulum of Justice reads like a book on anti-gravity: impossible to put down!  My main complaint is how come the next book in the series isn’t out already.”

Peter Cresswell, Publisher of NotPC


Convert this to a movie script and sell it to Hollywood. Excellent theme and plot. 

The Magnolia Blossom


WOW! I feel like I just watched a movie in my head

Hines and Bigham’s Literary Tryst


Absolutely brilliant – that was my first thought after I finished reading this compelling novel. 

Lit Amri for Readers’ Favorite




Latest Review of Pendulum of Justice

The Magnolia Blossom one of the premier review sites for independent authors just reviewed our book Pendulum of Justice  and gave it 10 out of 10.  Here is what they had to say:

Pendulum.finConvert this to a movie script and sell it to Hollywood. Excellent theme and plot. Big business and big government, intrigue, power-plays, coverups, tragic consequences and revenge of the “little guy”.

Let me put it this way: I read the first couple of chapters the night before, picked it back up the next morning and didn’t put it down that day until I was done. This definitely classifies as a “page-turner”.

Read the full review here

Pendulum of Justice Now Available on Nook: Barnes and Noble

Pendulum of Justice, the first in the Hank Rangar series of novels, is now available on Barnes & NobleReader’ Favorite gave Pendulum of Justice five out five star, here is what they had to say:

Reviewed by Lit Amri for Readers’ Favorite

Hank Rangar, former cyber warrior, has revolutionized cardiac surgeries, and is able to save millions of lives and medical expenses with his lab Made By Man. Unfortunately, his technology is stolen and his gravely ill sister desperately needs this crucial lifesaving procedure. Hank has to face a corrupt Washington bureaucracy – will he succeed? Pendulum of Justice is the first installment in the Hank Rangar Thriller series by husband and wife, authors Kaila and Dale Halling, aka D.K. Halling.

Absolutely brilliant – that was my first thought after I finished reading this compelling novel. Pendulum of Justice is a fascinating political thriller that grabbed my attention right from the get go. I want to have the intelligence, ethics, and bravery of Hank Rangar. I really admire this well-developed protagonist, who is a high-tech expert with a history as a skilled combatant in the government’s computer warfare efforts. Corruption is an essence of the story’s premise that is familiar to all of us, so that we will instantly relate to Hank and the problems that he faces. His pain, frustration, and triumphs Pendulum.finare also ours, against powerful people who let greed take over their ethical sense.

Kaila and Dale Halling are able to harmoniously create a deft prose in this engrossing tale about one man’s justice against a broken system. The message of this novel is bold, reminding us about the prejudice of government’s regulations regarding the merit of innovations. Overall, this is a commendable novel and an excellent debut for a great series.

Pendulum of Justice has twenty five reader reviews on Amazon, with 22 out 25 being five out five stars and three being four out of five stars.

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