I liked how the protagonist used modern technology to solve problems …(Latest Review POJ)

This is the latest review of Pendulum of Justice on Amazon.


Finished this book and went out and got the second one. I liked how the protagonist used modern technology to solve problems and the political ideology was handled well and not preachy. Will be waiting for the third novel.


and justifiably anti-government—is the perfect fictional angel of vengeance (Latest Review)

This is the latest review for Trials of Injustice by Straight Line Logic on Amazon.


Trails of Injustice is Dale and Kaila’s second installment in their Hank Ragnar series and is just as riveting as their first, Pendulum of Justice.
It takes its plot from the Fast and Furious gun-running scandal.

That scandal left many of us longing for justice, to hold those responsible accountable. Hank Ragnar—smart, resourceful, good-looking, tough, principled, and justifiably anti-government—is the perfect fictional angel of vengeance. Through a beautiful Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms agent named Laura, he stumbles upon a nefarious plot whose ultimate aim is to outlaw the private ownership of firearms. She needs help with her computer and he’s an expert, but the relationship soon jumps beyond software and the Internet.Trails2

Their habanero-hot affair is just one of many spicy ingredients in this story. There are the settings—harsh Mexican and Southwest American deserts, Washington in all its inglorious corruption. Violence ripped straight from current news stories, the never-ending litany of Mexican drug cartel atrocities, underscores the brutality not just of the cartels, but of our own government. The villain, the acting head of the ATF, is an unscrupulously ambitious lesbian plagued by insecurities about her lover. The other recipient of Hank’s Bond-like ability to captivate and bed beautiful but admirable women, Abigail, is the daughter of a friend who’s being framed by the ATF. She’s black, adding some interracial sizzle.

Hank, Laura, and Abigail match their wits, courage, and outrage against the government’s resources and ruthlessness. Readers anxious to find out the next turn or twist will zip threw the pages of this well-written thriller as Hank and team encounter both triumphs and daunting setbacks. Only upon reflection will readers recognize and ponder the important philosophical themes skillfully woven into the fast-paced plot.

The book is highly recommended for those hungering for a great story and skeptical about our government and its works. Those who still buy the party line may have trouble with this novel; it has some words with more than two syllables.



July 4th Review of Trails of Injustice

This is a wonderful review I wanted to share with you that we received appropriately on July 4th.

Compelling characters, great action and a story ripped from the headline


Hank Rangar is my hero. A man of the mind who takes on the forces of evil. Ripped from the headlines of personal agendas, government overreach and corruption at the highest levels. I love the karma at the end.


Hank Ranger….you are a great hero! (Latest Review of TOI)


“Hank Ranger is a perfect series hero! Trails of Injustice was a fast read…couldn’t put it down. The dialogue was especially intelligent and often witty. I really enjoyed the Mexico location which I found very authentic as I have visited many of these areas. The government corruption on both sides of the border was clear and would make anyone angry at the injustices. Hank did his best to right some outrageous wrongs. An exciting read. Looking forward to the next book in the series! Hope it comes soon.”



Incredibly fun read!

The latest review for Trails of Injustice (2nd Hank Rangar Thriller).

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I highly recommend this book.
Even though it is fiction, it was written so well it made me feel as if I was  reading a documentary. It seemed so real. It kept me guessing what was next and drew me into the plot, not letting go until the last page. And I was left looking for more. It was simply a fun book to read. I can’t wait for the next addition from these authors.

Ed Weaver
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A thought-provoking and rollicking blend of political realism, cyber-hacking technology, and individualism.

The latest TOI reader review.

A thought-provoking and rollicking good ride. I enjoyed the blend of political realism, cyber-hacking technology, and an unapologetic politically principled hero. As in the first Hank Rangar novel Pendulum of Justice, the book exposes the all-too-easy to corrupt power of governmental officials playing out in a real-world context I can absolutely imagine as reality. Add in suspense and spycraft and I read it from cover to cover – a great use of a well-earned vacation day. Highly recommended.



More, more… More!

Henry (Hank) Bowman
Hank Rearden
Ragnar Danneskjöld

Hank Rangar!

I am delighted to discover this series of pro freedom novels.
Looking forward to more exciting stories from these talented authors.
(Tried but couldn’t find a Bracken reference;)


Latest Trails of Injustice Review


Great technological thriller (Review of Pendulum of Justice)

I had selected this book thinking it might be a medical thriller. The red tape dealing with having a patent for a medical device approved, is how the story evolves. This is not a medical thriller; it is a technological thriller. Corruption in government, computer hacking, and problems faced by start up companies are some of the main points touched upon in this book. As the story progresses it becomes a real page turner as the Mc Guyver antics of the main character come to light. I enjoyed this book.



Hank Rangar with an A!

Latest Review of Pendulum of Justice


“I read the second book in the series first and thoroughly enjoyed it so I picked up this one as well. The author does a great job telling the story of Hank Rangar “with an A!” Halling’s books seem to focus on technology and corruption which are my two favorite topics in a book.”

Pendulum of Justice now has 61 reviews with an average rating of 4.7 out of 5 stars